How Python Made A Mockery Of Me

A gotcha when generating code coverage with mocks in Python


I’m a Java guy originally but lately I’ve been rolling up my sleeves and wrestling some pythons.  Despite some early “crybabyness” that I didn’t like the environment and that I wasn’t alone, things soon settled into a rhythm that seemed to be working, until I got mocked.
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Aristotle Would Have Used Intellij


Aristotle is famously recognized with the quote, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, but surprisingly it appears he may have been talking about software.

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The Big Shift


There’s a problem with the way most companies, and technology companies in particular, are doing business.  It’s not a new problem and it’s a problem we thought we had already solved, but it turns out we didn’t.  The problem is getting things done on time.

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