Ebay is broken, and someone needs to fix it


I’m not a regular ebay user, either from the buying or selling side but I recently had cause to attempt to sell an item on ebay and the experience was such a calamitous combination of frustration and fraud that it takes almost no effort at all to confidently claim I will never use it again. It’s broken, and needs to be fixed.

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How Python Made A Mockery Of Me

A gotcha when generating code coverage with mocks in Python


I’m a Java guy originally but lately I’ve been rolling up my sleeves and wrestling some pythons.  Despite some early “crybabyness” that I didn’t like the environment and that I wasn’t alone, things soon settled into a rhythm that seemed to be working, until I got mocked.
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The Big Shift


There’s a problem with the way most companies, and technology companies in particular, are doing business.  It’s not a new problem and it’s a problem we thought we had already solved, but it turns out we didn’t.  The problem is getting things done on time.

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